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Some companies started in a basement or garage, mine started in a van. Early in my career, we went on a tour across the US teaching car dealers about the Internet. I learned quickly that if we didn’t pack the presentation with both value and entertainment, we’d lose them before we hit the stage. That’s where eBoot Camp was born. I also learned on that trip that teaching was my passion. So I started teaching an Internet marketing / Social media workshop to any audience that would listen. It began with 10-15 people in the lunchroom of a bowling alley and has since grown to 400-500 people at times.

But big or small, it was the reaction of the audience that fueled me. I watched their faces light up when they realized there was more to Facebook than funny photos and Farmville. Or when SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was explained to them in layman’s terms and they finally got how it impacts their business.

I figured if this was working so well on stage, it would probably work well in a book. So during a cold Michigan winter, I wrote the book, eBoot Camp. It became an bestseller and helped me become a very busy speaker and let me keep doing what I love to do.

And then I started to hear a common question from the audience:Corey, you’ve made me a believer, but what if we don’t have the time to do social media effectively?

My response was simple, no one can do this better than you because it’s your business, your passion. But I also understand you need to focus on what you do best – and that may not be blog articles and Facebook posts. So enter eBoot Camp Social Media Marketing. The next best thing to doing it yourself. We manage the major social media sites for our clients and also do blogging, email marketing, SEO, and more. We do it all and we do it well.

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  • eBoot Camp Clients
  • eBoot Camp Clients

So enough about us, feel free to take a look around and then use the How Can We Help You? link and let us know a bit more about you and what you’re looking for.

This is probably not the first or last social media site you’ll visit and I recognize stock brokers and cab drivers have all of a sudden become social media experts. :) I’ve been teaching, and doing, Internet and social media marketing for over ten years. We’ve had organizers like Monica Turner from Graphics of America book me as a speaker for a 3rd straight year and we’ve also had clients like Dale Carnegie Training of Alabama who’ve been with us for almost two years. We love what we do and we do it well. I hope we get a chance to work together.

Our next speaking engagement is for Dale Carnegie Training Social Media Workshop at Denver, CO on March 21, 2013… For more information about the event please visit


Corey Perlman


Corey Perlman

President & Chief Propeller Head
eBoot Camp, Inc.

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